XToGen 1 and 2

XToGen 1 and 2
How to start ?

Generate examples and look at the XToGen project files : structure.xml and display.xml they are well self documented (in french).

How to update my application after some fields changements ?

If what you mean by fields changements is any changements in the structure.xml file on the fields name attribute, then continue reading, otherwise "ant update" is sufficent in general.

Fields changements needs delicate update on the server side. You have to verify your display.xml, your custom/lang personnalized files then "ant update". To avoid problems with "Lucene" indexes, clear the work folder and all the folder in the conf directory of your generated application. You will have to reindex (and may be modify) your documents to reflect the new changements.

XToGen 2

XToGen 2
How does templates work ?

Templates are automatically generated with your first "ant init" and at each "ant update". All generated templates are in the folder : custom/lang/templates.

To personnalise your templates you have to copy and rename the files without the _gen, example : To personnalise skeleton_gen.html copy and rename it in the same folder as : skeleton.html if you need a different template for a specific language you can copy and rename the file by extending its name with the interface language as : skeleton_ar-EG.html.

XToGen 1

XToGen 1
The edit forms does not offer multi-value entries ?

XToGen 1 is a lite prototype so we have implemented the multi-value in the edit forms by using the "$" sign. example :

				fruits : apple$orange$banana
				Generates :